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Best Construction Websites of 2024: 10 Popular Designs We Love

Looking to build a construction website? Check out these best construction website designs to be inspired by.

Construction websites are essential for companies to compete online. A well-designed website is a great way for construction companies to display their projects for potential clients.

Construction Website Design Tips

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Here are the best construction website examples.

1. Mosaik Design

construction website design
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Based out of Portland, Oregon, Mosaik Design is an award-winning home design and remodeling company. This is reflected in their website design. Regarding construction website designs, this company has really put a lot of thought into the user experience aspect of their site. The logo and menu text is also visible despite a merged navigation bar and header. In addition to consistent brand colors throughout the website, it displays call-to-action buttons in the right places.

2. Napoleon Development

construction website example
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A custom home builder in New York, Napoleon had their construction website design carefully match their online brand. Their developer has built a sleek and modern construction website that truly represents their business.. They also did a great job at using vibrant images with correct sizes that work well on this responsive layout.

3. Phil Kouffman Builder

construction website design example
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A luxury home builder in the Hamptons, Phil Kauffman’s is no stranger to quality, which shows in their construction website design. The minimalist yet elegant web design fits the Kauffman brand perfectly. In addition to the classy layout, the website displays beautifully across all devices. The minimalist footer design also helps to keep the site clutter free.

4. Epstein

construction web design
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As a design, engineering, and construction company, Epstein understands how important a clean construction website design really is. High-quality images and the unique layout make this construction website design stand out from the rest. What really makes this web design work is how well they’ve incorporated dynamic elements that flow quite well. The site is also highly mobile responsive and looks great on all other devices.

5. Toll Brothers

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One of the United States’ leading luxury home builders, Toll Brothers, offers online visitors a practical construction website design. In addition to being tasteful, it is very user-friendly. In addition to functional design, the website makes excellent use of pastel colors in conjunction with the correct image resolution. The perfect blend of minimalism and contemporary features makes this construction website stand out.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Websites

What is a construction website?

A construction website is a type of business website where companies can showcase their portfolio of past projects. These websites also contain information regarding the types of services a company provides.

How much does a construction website cost?

Building a construction website can cost between $500-$10,000. Following the guide on this page will cost less than $100.

How to build a construction website?

1. Check out construction website examples on this page.
2. Set up your website with my recommended web hosting service.
3. Design your construction site using this website builder.


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